Medical and Cosmetic Injectables

Medical and Cosmetic Injectables

Eversmile Dental is excited to announce we are now offering Medical/Cosmetic Injectables 
to all our valued Clients.

Muscle relaxant injections are a safe, effective and extremely popular wrinkle reduction treatment that can 
take years off your face within minutes.

Botulinum Toxin is a protein that is injected to decrease muscle activity, therefore reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 
 This helps to soften expression and age lines; resulting in a younger, softer and refreshed appearance.

A number of people who suffer from jaw clenching and teeth grinding (Bruxism) will also benefit from this therapy. 
By relaxing the overactive muscles that controls the jaws, we often see a reduction in symptoms from the head to the 
neck areas, as well as a reduction in jaw joint (TMJ) pain resulting in fewer cases of fracturing teeth and fillings.

Dermal fillers are an anti-ageing treatment that can restore certain areas of the face that require volume, firmness and hydration. 
They are most commonly used to plump the lips which can enhance your smile, but can also be 
applied to the cheeks, corners of the mouth, and other areas of the face.

To bring out the best in our Clients’ smile, we are offering an introductory price to our clients 
for the first 8 weeks only.

Call us on 9721 1799 for more information on appointments and pricing

Special offer valid from 15th May 2017 to 10th July 2017

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