Cosmetic & Emergency Dentistry Services in Bunbury

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    Results to make you smile every time

    Everyone deserves to go through life with a smile they are proud to show off. At Eversmile Dental, we are your partner in complete oral care and hygiene. At our relaxed and welcoming practice in Bunbury, our professional staff can offer care for the whole family including cosmetic treatment, emergency dentistry, home care products and personalised advice. Call us today for an appointment or more information.
    Kids that have had cosmetic dentistry help in South Bunbury

    Preventative care and examinations

    Endeavouring to make every treatment as quick and simple as possible, we want you to come in and experience the benefits of quality treatment. Offering dental care for children and adults, our preventative treatments include regular dental examination in addition to scaling and polish. Catering our treatments specifically to your needs, we offer various anaesthetic options including local, sedative and general. We also make our own mouthguards and whitening trays. Night splints and anti-snoring devices are custom made for your mouth using the very best dental materials available in Australia.

    Cosmetic restoration and teeth alignment

    The team at Eversmile Dental offer cosmetic dentistry to help you improve your smile and the appearance of your teeth, including whitening, veneers, crown and bridgework. We want you to always look your best and also offer restorative dentistry, including tooth coloured fillings and porcelain crowns. Missing teeth replacement can be provided using either cosmetic build-ups, bridgework or dentures. Always up on the latest industry developments, our practice is equipped with Invisalign technology, which can straighten and align your teeth without the use of metal braces.

    Emergency and pain management

    Emergency dentistry will be treated with the utmost care and sensitivity at our clinic in Bunbury. Treatments cater to accident and trauma to teeth and sudden onset of dental pain. We also offer root canal therapy and teeth extraction for wisdom teeth.
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    Call us on 08 9721 1799 today to book an appointment.
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